Additional SFX Product Information.

 What do you get with SFX?

Each font has fully configurable light, sound, and motion sensitivity settings. ​Choose from two different sound fonts.

Crimson or Viridian.

Button controlled Voice prompted menu for font selection and settings.

1. Boot up & menu settings

2. Choose from 1 of 8 Clash sensitivity settings

3. ​Choose from 1 of 8 swing sensitivity settings

4. Power on / Ignition
5. Power off / Retraction

6. Hum

Viridian also has Blaster Deflect effect when pressing the button

Crimson also has Blade Lockup effect when pressing the button

Each ForceSaber has a 2 watt speaker fitted inside the hilt.

Due to the power requirements these models run on a rechargeable Li-ion Battery.

 What should you expect with these models?

Due to these models needing to hold larger Li-ion Batteries, Soundboard and 2 Watt Speaker hilts could be increased in length from between 2 - 3 inches.

When you purchase the option with sound all sales will include 1 x Li-ion battery. We also include 1 x Li-ion battery charger. 

Please Note There is No USB cable included for the charger.

There is no Clash on Clash visual effects fitted to our models.​

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